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12oz French Roast

12oz French Roast


This homage to the traditional French Roasted coffee features a darker roast profile and, unlike our other offerings, where we strive to highlight the very delicate flavors of each of the coffees used in our blends, this French Roast highlights the flavor of the “roast”.  What do we mean by highlighting the “roast”?  This is when, at the later stage in the roasting process, the coffee loses the more subtle flavors of the terroir from where it was cultivated and takes on the rich, smoky, mesquite-like aroma and taste of the roast style.  The cup profile for this blend boasts deep richness, with crisp acidity, flavors of caramel and spice, and a lingering finish. 



Central America



Brewing Methods:

Pour Over Styles

French Press 

Auto Drip


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